Preventative Dentistry

Why Holistic Dentistry

There are several different approaches to different areas of healthcare and medicine, including dentistry.  Dentistry is one of the oldest specialties, dating back to prehistoric times.  However, dental practices have changed drastically throughout the years.  In today’s world, there is a traditional method of dentistry as well as a holistic speciality.  


The Overall Body

Like most holistic disciplines, dentists who practice this way consider the overall body, beyond the mouth, gums, tongue, teeth or specific area of concentration.  Another distinction is the material use.  For example, holistic practices do not place fillings containing mercury.


Differences In Practice

When it comes to tooth loss, most traditional dentists will have several different options which they present to the patient, including root canal therapy.  This is a means to save a tooth whose root has suffered from severe decay and deterioration.  However, many holistic dentists argue that the process of cleaning the nerve root from toxicity and bacteria may help to sterilize the canal and attempt to save the tooth.  When holistic dentists do perform root canals, they try to use as many natural products and materials as possible, as they consider the overall effects to the body of chemicals (such as formaldehyde) which are traditionally used for such procedures.  These are considered carcinogens and can have negative effects on the body down the road.


When it comes to the use of Fluoride, many dentists, both holistic and traditional are torn.  However, those who practice holistically generally do not offer or promote any type of ingested fluoride (except that which is found in natural water sources), both in the dental chair and at home.  

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