Dental Implants

 The best thing about dental implants, as opposed to dentures is that once they are put in, they are essentially permanent – people eat, drink, and brush their teeth like normal, as opposed to dentures, which have restrictions and need to be specially brushed and soaked overnight.

Here are the benefits of getting dental implants:

  • Improved appearanceThere are a couple of ways losing teeth can affect appearance. First, it can be jarring to talk with someone and see gaps where teeth should be. Secondly, the jaw and mouth area change to accommodate that missing space. Teeth shift and cheeks sink in. The dental implants will restore one’s mouth to a pleasing appearance and one’s face will fill out again.
  • Improved speechTalking with gaps in teeth is very difficult – it can make words with sibilants sound very different than intended. The dental implants can help people return to a normal speech pattern.
  • Improved comfortMissing teeth can be very uncomfortable. It’s something that people are aware of all the time. They feel those gaps. Having teeth again is a very comforting feeling.
  • Better eating Gaps in teeth can make eating very difficult. There are certain foods that become off-limits. The dental implants allow them to go back to regular eating… and better health, since they will be able to have solid food again.
  • Improved self-esteemWhen people lose teeth, they can lose confidence very quickly. It’s a side of them they don’t like to show, which means a reluctance to smile. Dental implants can bring that confidence back, since there’s no gap in their smile anymore.
  • Improved oral healthDentures can cause mouth irritation or even possible infection, if people don’t immediately get them fixed. Dental implants have much less risk of anything of that sort occurring due to their being fixed and not constantly being removed. There might be a day of discomfort, but after that, things tend to return to normal.
  • Improved durabilityDental implants last a long time in someone’s mouth. They are made of strong material and act like natural teeth. Of course, people need to be careful when doing things like eating hard candy or nuts.
  • Almost permanent The dental implants, with proper care, can last up to 25 years. That’s quite a bit longer than dentures, which tend to need to be replaced every five tp seven years.

While dental implants are gaining popularity, there are a few things that you need to consider:

  • Proper Amount of Bone Mass The dental implants require people to have a certain amount of jawbone. That’s because the dentist will be surgically implanting titanium screws into the jaw and then typically waiting for several months for the bone to fuse with the jaw before attaching the replacement tooth. If there’s not enough bone mass, even after the dentist has tried bone grafts or other methods of regaining some, then traditional implants can’t be done. There are the mini implants, which could use less bone mass, and reportedly has less healing time involved. Even after a successful implant, the bone mass has to be monitored, because it could deteriorate over time.
  • Cost  – Most insurance agencies consider this cosmetic surgery and will only pay a little , if any, of the price of the procedure. That means that the patient will have to shell out the rest of the payment, and this is not an inexpensive procedure, thanks to the skills needed by the dentist. This may prompt some patients to look for more cost-effective ways to fill the space in their mouths, like dentures.

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