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Esthetix Dental Spa is a trusted New York cosmetic dentist that offers Advanced Zoom! Bleaching for patients looking to whiten their smile using a safe, effective, and long lasting method. We can give you a dazzling smile that is also one of the most affordable cosmetic dental treatments we can offer. Our team of trusted NY dentists also provides custom fitted bleaching trays for our Zoom! patients to help touch up your smile at home. Clinically proven to be the safest and most effective teeth whitening method on the market, Zoom! is recommended by cosmetic dentists everywhere!

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Advanced Zoom! Bleaching

Having stained or discolored teeth can threaten your confidence and make your smile dull. Our goal at Esthetix Dental Spa is to provide New York’s trusted Advanced Zoom! Bleaching for patients who are looking to renew their smile and give their confidence the boost they need.

In as little as one hour, we can give our patients the results they’re looking for with a brighter, whiter smile that will blow them away. Esthetix Dental Spa and our team of NY cosmetic dentists can complete this procedure with ease and give you a smile that’s up to eight times whiter than other teeth whitening methods. Visit our top-rated New York cosmetic dental office or call us today for a free consultation!

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