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Benefits Of Dental Fillings

Fill Tooth Gaps & Damaged Teeth

You can get a lot of benefits from your dental fillings. Our expert staff can fill tooth gaps and also fix damaged teeth. Contact us to learn more!

Improve Your Oral Health

You don’t want any tooth decay. If that happens, it can go deeper into your tooth until it hits your root and pulp. Fillings can stop that.

Durable & Resistant
To Fracture

At Esthetix Dental Spa, we use strong material for our composite fillings. Your teeth will be protected from any more damage when you bite on food.

Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

There was a time when dental fillings were very noticeable. That is not the case with our tooth-colored dental fillings. They blend right in with the tooth.

Washington Heights Tooth Filling Experts

Our highly-qualified dental staff is ready to help all Washington Heights residents fill their teeth. They are experts at putting in dental fillings that will last a long time and protect your teeth from more tooth decay. Check out our reviews on Google Maps.

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    Single Implant Replaced

    for as little as

    $97 a month*

    Implant Retained Dentures


    $247a month*

    Full Fixed Arch

    as low as

    $347a month*

    *Subject to Credit Approval

    At your consultation, we can review all the options available to you.

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    What Can A Dental Filling Be Used For?

    There are a variety of reasons for dental fillings to be used. They don’t just fill the space where a cavity was, though that is a primary purpose. You can get a lot of benefits from our composite fillings. Be sure to ask your dentist if you have any questions.

    Treat Decayed Teeth & Cavities In Washington Heights

    Treat Decayed Teeth & Cavities

    When you think of dental fillings, this is the primary reason. Your dentist at Esthetix Dental Spa will drill and clean out the area where there is decay and then put the filling in. Thanks to it being tooth-colored, no one else will notice it!

    Decreasing The Gap Between Teeth In Washington Heights

    Decreasing The Gap Between Teeth

    Sometimes there can be a gap between your teeth. Getting a composite dental filling can be an excellent solution to this problem. It is painless and you will love how it looks. Best of all, it is sturdy, too.

    Fill Chipped, Broken & Damaged Teeth

    Fill Chipped, Broken & Damaged Teeth

    Things happen and your teeth can be chipped or damaged, This can be fixed with the composite dental filling instead of something like a crown or a veneer. It is a simple process for your dentist to handle.

    How Our Painless Composite Tooth Fillings Are Done

    How Our Composite Tooth Fillings Are Done

    Painless Dental Filling Procedures. Painless Payment Plans

    The first step of the composite filling process is to numb the area that is affected, followed by removal of any of the decayed portions of the tooth. Once the rotting or decayed portions are removed, a substance will be applied to ensure that the pores of your teeth open up and to also help create a stronger bond with the filling. Using a special light, the bond will be hardened and cured, allowing your New York cosmetic dentist to apply the filling. The composite will harden and the filling will then be smoothed and polished for comfort and to fit your bite more closely and accurately.

    What Are The Common Signs Of Cavities?

    Cavities are very common, but you also need to know what you are looking for. If you see any of these signs, be sure to talk to your dentist immediately. Not doing anything about it can lead to further complications, including infection and possibly other health complications due to bacteria making its way into your bloodstream. This is not something to neglect.

    Toothaches & Tooth Sensitivity

    Toothaches & Tooth Sensitivity

    One of the most-known signs of a cavity or tooth decay is that your tooth hurts. This might be because the root is getting exposed.

    Stained Teeth & Gums

    Stained Teeth & Gums

    If your gums or teeth change appearance in a drastic way, this could also be a sign that you are dealing with tooth decay. Go see your dentist immediately.

    Holes & Pits In Your Tooth

    Holes & Pits In Your Tooth

    If you see holes or pits in your teeth, that means that something is eating its way through the enamel. See your dentist quickly to see what can be done.

    Pain When Eating Or Chewing

    Pain When Eating Or Chewing

    You bite down on something and it hurts. This could mean that decay is making its way to the root and pulp of your tooth. See a dentist immediately.

    Treat Tooth Decay With Composite Fillings In Washington Heights

    Dental care has advanced a lot over the decades. The current technology makes dentistry much easier and more painless for patients. Getting fillings is easy nowadays.

    • Quick, painless fillings done in a calming environment
    • Our caring staff will put you at ease immediately
    • People will not notice your composite dental fillings
    • Your teeth will be improved and protected
    • You will love how your smile looks
    Our Experienced Dentist Treats Tooth Decay With Composite Fillings In Washington Heights

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    Dedicated medical staff. They take their time and effort to make sure that your teeth are cared for properly and efficiently. Would definitely recommend to anyone in need of a dentist nearby.”

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    Great team, smooth office. I have been looking for a good dentist since I moved to the US from Germany and finally found one, actually not just one. So far every dentist in this office has been very professional, knowledgeable and caring. The assistants are equally caring and professional all around a positive experience. I am so happy!”

    , NY ★★★★★

    The staff is super friendly and made me feel very comfortable! It was my first time here and I am definitely recommending family and friends. Continuing my journey to a perfect smile with Esthetix Dental Spa!”

    , NY ★★★★★

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