3D Digital Imaging


Esthetix dental spa uses latest and advanced digital technology. With the use of Digital and 3D x-rays, Dr Philomin and Dr Divya are able to provide the patients with precise, high-definition information of oral and maxillofacial structures.

There are any benefits to using 3D CT scans. Some of these include:
Less radiation exposure compared to medical CT, Help create Precise surgical and treatment planning prior to surgery, To Identify and diagnose amount of bone and quality of bone to evaluate outcome of dental implants.

To view sinus cavities, impacted teeth, nerves and blood vessels Dr Philomin uses his own innovative ideas to create teeth using dental implants and digital technology.

Scanned digital image is converted to simple computer files, transferred over to a dental implant software allows him to place teeth Implants without having to cut gums, unnecessary sutures and dramatically reducing post-operative pain and swelling.

He goes further more creating teeth out these files using in-house CAD CAM technology. Find out if you are a candidate to get dental implants using this innovative method. Please call for a consultation.

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