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How Laser Dentistry Can Help

Laser dentistry can be performed for those who are suffering from a variety of dental issues. Because of its precision and accuracy, it causes far less damage to surrounding tissue than other more traditional methods. Another benefit of this state of the art technology is that it offers faster healing times and can stimulate natural tissue regeneration, along with faster blood clotting.

Dental Surgery

Gum Sculpting

Fix Decayed Tooth

Treatment of Gum Disease

Teeth Polishing at Esthetix Dental Spa in NYC

Teeth whitening


Cavity Preparation

Plaque and tartar buildup

Remove Bacteria from Periodontal Pockets

Cavity Removel at Esthetix Dental Spa in NYC

Cavity Removal

What is a laser you ask?

A laser is a state of the art device that creates a beam of concentrated light to help remove areas of the tooth that are infected or decaying with more precision and ease than traditional methods. It also reduces blood loss by cauterizing blood vessels, thus reducing the risk of infection and copious bleeding. The patients at Esthetix Dental Spa have seen a great deal of relief from laser dentistry.

Trusted Washington Heights Gum Pigmentation Treatment

As a trusted, affordable, and top-rated gum pigmentation treatment dentist in New York Esthetix Dental Spa offers cosmetic procedures that utilize laser dentistry to eliminate dark pigmentation on your gums. Also known as gum bleaching, gum pigmentation is performed using the latest laser technology, the Versa Wave Laser, which allows us to painlessly, precisely, and safely remove gum discoloration.

This is the most viable treatment option to help remove gum discoloration and alter the appearance and health of unsightly gums. Some of the benefits of our pigmentation treatment include:

Teeth Whitening for sensitive teeth

Esthetix Dental uses a topical anesthetic, so you will not feel drowsy.

More Self Esteem

Extensive sedation is not necessary.

Visit Esthetix Dental Spa every 6 months for healthy teeth

Just one gum pigmentation treatment can last up to 20 years!

Tooth extractions in minutes with Esthetix Dental Spa

The procedure can be completed in 1 office visit, so you can virtually walk out the door with beautiful pink gums.

No gum and mouth irritation

The healing process for gum pigmentation is very swift and virtually painless.

Pain-Free Gum Laser Treatment

At Esthetix Dental Spa, we offer pain-free gum laser treatments in New york should periodontal treatment be necessary for any of our patients. Before the use of this revolutionary technology, periodontal surgery was the only viable option to treat such oral health issues. Because of the ease and comfort of laser treatments, we can help patients who suffer from all types of gum problems including uneven gum lines and gum reshaping as well as bone re-contouring. The use of gum laser technology is effective, keeping our patients happy and healthy.

Using our painless gum laser treatments, our cosmetic dentists in New York are able to remove excess gum and seal it to avoid the use of stitches. It’s quick and nearly painless. We are also able to use laser treatments to assist with porcelain veneers, giving each of our patients a bright and beautiful smile. Gum laser treatments are a quick, affordable, and painless option!

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