Gingival Pigmentation Removal with Laser Dentistry


The use of lasers has helped correct and treat a lot of dental problems with almost NO pain and minimal discomfort to the patient. At Esthetix Dental Spa, Dr.Phlomin and Dr. Divya, not compromising on technology, use various kinds of laser units to treat both soft and hard tissue problems. Laser dentistry is used for:

  • Gum Sculpting
  • Treatment of Gum Disease
  • Teeth whitening
  • Cavity Preparation
  • Cavity Removal
  • Remove Bacteria from Periodontal Pockets

How Does Laser Dentistry Work?

You may associate dentistry with that old drill sound. Now you can receive dental care without any drilling at all. Previous to the new laser technology we use at EDS, the heat and vibration of the drill caused most of the pain that patients used to feel. Since the water cutting laser doesn’t transmit heat or vibration, most of the procedures we perform are absolutely pain-free.

What is a laser you ask?

It’s a hi-tech device that generates a beam of concentrated light. This beam of light brings energy into your mouth to help remove areas of infection or tooth decay with great precision and accuracy. The laser beam also sterilizes the affected area and seals off blood vessels, which minimizes the chance of infection or bleeding. Our patients love it. Once they’ve had it done, they are completely relieved and are more compliant with routine check-ups.

Gum Pigmentation Treatment:

Gum pigmentation treatment from Esthetix Dental Spa is a cosmetic procedure that uses laser dentistry to remove dark pigmentation on your gums.
Gum pigmentation treatment is often called “gum bleaching,” yet this treatment is so much more than that! This procedure uses only the latest technology through using the Versa Wave Laser to painlessly and safely remove discoloration on your gums. We use this laser treatment to change the melanin pigmentation (or color) of your gums.
Gum pigmentation treatment is the most viable solution for a person suffering from gum discoloration and unsightly dark gums. The benefits of gum pigmentation treatment include:

  • The procedure can be completed in 1 office visit, so you can virtually walk out the door with beautiful pink gums.
  • Esthetix Dental uses a topical anesthetic, so you will not feel drowsy.
  • Extensive sedation is not necessary.
  • Just one gum pigmentation treatment can last up to 20 years! It’s hard to imagine how taking such a brief amount of time out of your day can have such lasting benefits!
  • The healing process for gum pigmentation is very swift and virtually painless.

Pain-Free Gum Laser Treatment:

We use painless gum laser treatment when Periodontal treatment is required for a patient. Previously, Periodontal Surgery was the only option. Our patients appreciate this new technology that we have harnessed and use for all types of gum problems, such as uneven gum lines or gums that need reshaping. We often use this technology for bone re-contouring. It’s amazing that dentists practiced without this new technology, but now at EDS, we won’t use anything else for our patients.

We can remove excess gum and seal the gum as treatment progresses so no stitches are required. It’s amazing to our patients that these procedures are relatively painless and performed in such a short period of time.

We’ve used gum laser treatment in conjunction with porcelain veneers. It completes the job by correcting small, crooked or misshapen teeth to create a beautiful and balanced smile. If you’ve been afraid to see your dentist because of gum issues and what it could mean, think differently. EDS has the quick and painless solution for you.

Laser Cavity Detection:
A low-powered laser can be used to locate tiny pits within tooth enamel that can become cavities. The laser can detect decay early. Once located, the tiny spots on the tooth can be covered with a clear sealant in order to prevent cavities.

If you’ve been concerned about dental care, fear no more…. the technology for laser dentistry is here… and at EDS we use the best in the business! So call us today at (212) 795-9675.