Nov 14, 2017

Holistic Dentistry

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Why Holistic Dentistry There are several different approaches to different areas of healthcare and medicine, including dentistry.  Dentistry is one of the oldest specialties, dating back to prehistoric times.  However, dental practices have changed drastically throughout the years.  In today’s world, there is a traditional method of dentistry as well as a holistic speciality.   [...]

Feb 27, 2017

Am I Too Old To Start With Braces?

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When to go for braces? Orthodontics are often associated with pediatric patients.  However, more and more adults worldwide are going for consultations to straighten their teeth or overbites.  With today’s modern technology, braces are no longer referred to as undesirable “train tracks.”  They are now used as both a functional and aesthetic procedure, which will [...]

Jan 14, 2016

Senior Smiles

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As people become elderly, many parts of their body become compromised.  It is not uncommon to begin feeling various aches and pains with age, as well as other progressive changes to the bone structure and organs.  However, just like doctors recommend drinking vitamin D and getting daily exercise to prevent osteoarthritis, precautions can be taken [...]