Are Clear Aligners a Good Orthodontic Option For Children?

Are Clear Aligners a Good Orthodontic Option For Children In New York?You take a look at your child’s teeth and you see the possibility of them developing a severe overbite, among other things. It would be great for them to have that corrected, but are they too young for something like braces? Are clear aligners a good orthodontic option for children? Before consulting a New York dentist, read on to learn more.

At What Age Can a Child Start An Invisalign Treatment?

You don’t want to start any treatment too early if it interferes with the development of your child’s jaw and teeth. Baby teeth fall out, after all, and you don’t want the replacements to come in misaligned. But this can also be a positive thing – the Washington Heights orthodontist or dentist can use the aligner to shape the path of the jaw and teeth without having to resort to pulling teeth. Typically, it is recommended that the youngest the child can be is six years old. There are even specifically made ones for little children, called Invisalign First. Orthodontists call this Phase One.

Invisible Aligners Are Perfect For Growing Children To Teens

You may still be weighing getting braces over Invisalign. You might want to consider these benefits of Invisalign for children before you make your decision:

Invisalign For Kids Makes Teeth Cleaning Easier

One of the most annoying things about braces is that effectively brushing teeth is very difficult. You also have to use a special brush to get in between teeth and it is still easy for food to get stuck in there. That doesn’t happen with Invisalign – your child takes the aligner out and brushes their teeth while also cleaning the aligner. Much less time and hassle!

Fixes Common Bite Problems & Straightens Crooked Teeth In Children

One of the biggest benefits here is that it can straighten your child’s teeth without your dentist having to make sure that a certain amount of the tooth’s surface shows for a bracket to be put on. There are times that it can be even more effective at straightening teeth than traditional braces.

Invisalign Is Far More Comfortable Than Braces

There are several annoying things about braces, including their propensity for irritating one’s gums. Also, when the Washington Heights dentist or orthodontist tightens the wires, it can cause soreness. Invisalign is much easier on the teeth and gums than braces. Sometimes people even forget that they are there. It may even be less painful for a young child as opposed to an older one.

What Can & Can’t My Child Eat During Invisalign Treatment?

What Can & Can't My Child Eat During Invisalign Treatment?People who have braces find themselves with a strict regimen of food that they can eat. Sticky foods are to be avoided. Certain crunchy foods, too. That is not the case with Invisalign. Children can largely eat what they were eating before since they remove the aligner when they eat. It’s a good idea to avoid hard candy though, since that can wind up damaging teeth.

There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when your child is undergoing Invisalign treatment. The first thing is that they must strictly follow the directions that they are given. That means that they must wear the aligners for the allotted amount of time a day – usually 22 – and not put the aligners on out of order. Secondly, they must carefully keep track of the aligner if they take it to school. It would be really easy for them to accidentally throw it out if they put it on their cafeteria tray and forget about it.

It is up to each parent to decide – they know their child best, after all. Will they be responsible enough to keep the aligners in at all times except for eating or will they take them out every opportunity they get… likely when Mommy or Daddy isn’t watching? That will slow down the process. But with braces, if they don’t brush properly, they increase the risk of cavities. It’s important to talk to a Washington Heights dentist about these concerns before making a choice. Then they will eventually have a happy child with a great smile.

Contact Certified & Experienced Invisalign Dentists In New York

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