Why You Should Replace Immediately a Missing Tooth

A person with a missing tooth in Washington Heights, NY.

You don’t think much about losing a tooth when you’re an adult, but it can still happen. You might have some tooth decay that has gone unaddressed, and that can lead to the tooth falling out. Or you might get into a car accident or have some other mishap that causes a tooth to get knocked out. If the tooth is in a spot that isn’t that noticeable, such as in the rear of your mouth, you might be tempted to just leave the space unfilled. However, that can lead to disastrous consequences.

Always talk to a dentist about your options for replacing a missing tooth. There are enough options that you should be able to find something that feels good to you and fits in your budget. If you don’t replace the missing tooth, you could end up dealing with these consequences:

The Teeth Can Shift & Become Misaligned

The teeth support each other in many ways, including in holding their position. When one of their ranks falls out of line, the entire line can shift. Some teeth may just start to lean toward the space, or the entire row may shift.

Shifting teeth and misalignment are not just a matter of cosmetics. You could have more than a crooked smile if your teeth shift; you could start to have problems with your bite and your overall oral health.

It Becomes Harder To Clean Your Teeth

You might think that a missing tooth would create a gap that makes it easier to clean some teeth. However, what actually happens is the gap exposes more of the teeth to bacteria in the mouth. More bacteria can get under the gum line, and more plaque can form around the tooth.

If your teeth shift because of the gap, which they are likely to do, they might shift into positions that make them harder to clean, as well. Your overall oral health can suffer as a result.

Your Jawbone Can Become Recessed & Lose Shape

The teeth do more than look pretty and help you chew. They also put pressure on the jawbone, which helps to keep it healthy. When teeth are missing, that area of the jawbone can start to atrophy, and that can cause a domino reaction. The recessed bone can even change the shape of your face.

Once the jawbone becomes recessed, you have fewer options to correct the problems. The bone will not be strong enough to support an implant, so you can’t just replace the missing tooth and expect to stimulate healthy bone growth.

You Can Get Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

A man with toothache due to a missing tooth in Washington Heights, NY.

You have a temporomandibular joint on both sides of your jaw bone. These joints are the “hinges” where the jawbone moves up and down when you chew or talk. If your teeth shift as a result of a missing tooth, you can develop temporomandibular joint disorder, commonly known as TMJ. The disorder can cause very uncomfortable symptoms, including headaches, jaw pain, and more.

If you lose a tooth, do not leave that open space unoccupied. Talk to a dentist about options for filling it, including a partial or a dental implant. Getting an implant is the best choice for replacing a missing tooth as it can stimulate that jawbone beneath the tooth, and it looks and operates just like a natural tooth. You will be able to talk and eat just like you could with your natural teeth, and you’ll be able to clean your teeth the same as always. You won’t experience any discomfort, and you won’t have to worry about any of the unpleasant side effects of the missing tooth.

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