How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Enhance Your Looks & Confidence

A woman having a cosmetic dentistry treatment in Washington Heights, NY.

Everyone is attracted to a nice smile. A straight, white smile makes everyone look better, and it makes them appear happier and healthier than those whose smiles have more problems. We all know this intuitively, and so we tend to feel better about ourselves when our smiles look better.

When teeth are crooked, dull, chipped, and more, it can make people feel self-conscious and they may withdraw.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to improve your smile. Some popular cosmetic dental treatments that get great results include:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Tooth-colored cavity fillings
  • Dental bonding
  • Dental implants
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Invisalign teeth straightening treatment

Through one or more of these treatments, you can get the straight and dazzling white smile that you’ve always wanted. Some of the many benefits that these treatments can offer to boost your self-esteem include:

Better Oral Health & Fresher Breath

Teeth that are bright white, aligned, and well-formed are healthy teeth. Decay can lead to discoloration and other problems. People can tell on sight if you have good oral health. Cosmetic dental treatments can make sure the appearance of your teeth matches your dental health, and it can help you have fresher breath. You’ll feel more confident about your smile, which will make you show it off more often, and you’ll feel better about yourself overall.

Teeth Whitening Can Make You Look Younger

Teeth tend to become yellow and gray with age. By getting a whitening treatment, you can instantly give yourself a younger appearance. Your teeth can take years off your look. Just make sure you follow up your whitening treatment with good oral health care, and avoid drinks that can stain the teeth, like coffee and tea. Otherwise, you’ll be back in the dentist’s office for another whitening treatment before very long.

Cosmetic Dentistry Helps With a Healthy Appearance

Cosmetic dentistry can also make you appear healthier overall. When teeth are aligned, they are shapely and proportionate, and they are shiny and white, they look young and healthy. You may be a healthy person already, but if your teeth look bad, you will not convey health. With a healthier appearance, you will feel better and be more confident.

Feel More Attractive With a Great Smile

Your beautiful smile will make you feel more attractive and desirable, and that will give you a huge confidence boost. Think of all the people you know who have nice smiles, even if you just have to think of celebrities. Their gorgeous smiles reflect on their whole appearance. Now think of the people you know when crooked, misshapen, or dingy smiles. They don’t seem as attractive, do they? You will internalize your new look and feel even better about how you look, even if you already felt attractive before your cosmetic dental treatments.

Enjoy Better Performance At Work & Have Better Social Interactions

A woman having veneers to improve her smile in Washington Heights, NY.When you are more confident, you will project that in all your interactions. You will feel more confident at work, which will improve your performance and improve your boss’ perception of you. You will feel more confident when you meet people, which will improve your social interactions. You could end up with more friends, more dates, and greater popularity.

You don’t have to keep being self-conscious about your smile. There are many cosmetic dental treatments that can correct any issue you are having with your teeth. You can straighten your teeth with braces or Invisalign treatment, correct misshapen teeth with veneers, fill gaps with crowns or implants, or whiten your teeth. You can work with your dentist to understand which treatment options will have the most impact to get your desired results.

Contact Reliable Cosmetic Dentists In Washington Heights

The team at Esthetix Dental Spa in Washington Heights can help you get the beautiful, healthy smile you have always wanted. We offer a variety of cosmetic dental treatments, including implants and crowns, veneers, dental onlays and overalys, teeth whitening, and Invisalign treatment for straightening. We also offer basic dental care, including cleanings and filling with tooth-colored composite material. Our team is committed to partnering with you for optimal oral health. We are also committed to giving you the best dental experience possible. Contact us today or fill out our online form to schedule a new patient exam or a consultation.



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