Dental Care For Kids In Washington Heights

Parents are very quick to bring their children to the pediatrician for any sign of an ailment. However, when it comes to the dentist, most are not as proactive. Early dental visits and early intervention for any dental problems is a sure way to save your children pain and suffering later in life, both physically and financially.

When Should Kids Go To The Dentist?

Dental Care For Kids In Washington Heights
Recent statistics show that nearly fifty percent of American children under the age of three have never even seen the dentist. Many parents are unaware that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry highly recommends that children go to the dentist as soon as their first teeth begin to develop. In addition to allowing the dentist to evaluate the child for any potential problems in developing teeth and gums, the pediatric patient will gain a sense of trust which will eliminate dental fear or phobia as an adult.

Avoid Pediatric Cavities And Tooth Decay

When Should Kids Go To The Dentist?A great tip for parents and babysitters is to fill their children’s bottles with water instead of milk. Majority of children four years and younger report that their child often takes a nap or goes to their bedroom with a bottle of juice or milk. However, this is actually quite a negative habit, as it can easily lead to tooth decay.

So keep your children smiling this summer! They are using their mouths to eat and teeth and it is your responsibility to keep them clean and healthy. This fall call (212) 795-9675 or contact us to schedule your appointment with Esthetix Dental Spa TODAY!

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