Should you consider a dental bridge in NY?People lose teeth all the time. It could be from an accident, genetics, or gum disease. They need to do something though, since leaving the empty space alone is inviting the other teeth to shift and their cheeks to sink in since there’s nothing holding them out.

For many years, if the missing teeth were a certain number, the dentist would suggest a dental bridge. It’s still the go-to option for many. But there are other choices like dental implants.

What is the right choice? Prior to going to the dentist, here are some of the things that Fort Washington residents should think about when pondering the question: “Should you consider a dental bridge?”

The Cost

For some people, this is the most important part. Even though dental implants often pay for themselves in short order due to their longevity – they can last up to 25 years with good care – their price tag may still be too high. Patients may not want to go the denture route, so they land on the most cost-effective solution: the dental bridge.

No Need For A Bone Graft

One thing that can keep people from getting a dental implant is the fact that their jaw has lost bone mass after losing teeth. There has to be a certain amount of mass to be able have the jawbone fuse (the process is called osseointegration) with the screw that the dentist or specialist inserts, otherwise the implant won’t hold. ]
That is not the case with dental bridges. There’s no need to measure how much bone mass there is – the dentist will just customize the bridge to fill the gap between the teeth. The wait time is much shorter than if one were getting a dental implant, which can result in a several-month period of repeat visits.

The Effects on Surrounding Teeth

Like almost everything else in life, there are drawbacks to this that could negatively impact the recipients of bridges. The surrounding teeth, especially the ones that anchor the bridge are subject to a lot of strain. That can do damage to both them and the bridge – though they can ultimately last up to 15 years, though there can be a low end of five years before they need to be replaced.

It also depends on what happens underneath the bridge. Although the space between the teeth has been filled, that doesn’t mean that things are not happening underneath. Jaw structures can weaken. In order for a patient to have the best chance possible, they need to be having routine check-ups with the dentist and also maintaining excellent oral hygiene.

Best of Both Worlds?

Sometimes a bridge itself will not be enough – perhaps too many teeth have been lost. But that doesn’t take it completely out of the equation. A dentist may suggest doing an implant in an area where a back tooth was lost, for example, and then have the bridge cover the other missing teeth. They may also put in two implants and then have the bridge snap into the implants. Dental technology has expanded the options for bridges, which makes life a lot easier for everyone in the long run.

There will be times when the bridge will be sufficient while others it might be best to just go the dental implant route with no support for the bridge. Each patient brings a wholly unique circumstance to the table and it’s up to the dentist to see what will work best. Dental bridges have been around for decades and they will likely stick around as an option that will not dent a patient’s wallet too badly.

If you live in the Fort Washington area and are looking for a dentist who can do bridges, contact Esthetix Dental Spa. The staff is very well-equipped to help guide you through the entire process and ensure that you get the very best fit for your mouth. Give them a call to set up an appointment so that you can talk it over: 212-795-9675.

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