Rainey at work - Full Mouth Makeover; New Dental Technology In Washington HeightsFull Mouth Dental Smile Makeover Using CADCAM and Cone Beam Imaging Technology is Available Now at Esthetix Dental Spa In Washington Heights


In the beginning, dentistry was delivered by one dentist who was a general dentist and had general knowledge of all aspects of dentistry as they existed at the time.

Full Mouth Dental Makeover

Then specialization evolved in medicine and in dentistry. The average patient would typically be sent to specialists (orthodontist, endodontist, et al) during the course of treatment to address specific issues.
The specializations grew and progressed to the point where many dentists only handle one aspect of the mouth and will refer the patient several times during the course of treatment. Although each of these specialists does a job in their own field, the combined efforts do not follow a single treatment plan. Different points of view that don’t fully align with each other.

Esthetix Dental Spa uses CADCAM and cone beam technology to create a 3D digital image of the patient’s mouth. This detailed image is the core of a shared treatment plan followed by the Esthetix Dental Team.

Meet Rainey, a tattoo artist from Red Dragon Tatoo on Fordham Road in the Bronx. He is a beneficiary of Esthetix Dental Spa’s 3D imaging technology and team approach. He dreamed every Christmas for more than his 2 front teeth. He dreamed of having perfect teeth. Rainey had a situation with odd spacing of his teeth that affected his smile (and this affected Rainey’s confidence). Dr Philomin and his team got to work using a shared treatment plan, creating enough space to place two implants and in half the time and for half the cost that others had predicted.

Here is what Rainey says: “Before I went there something always threw me off about the dentists I visited. Either it was a nice place but I didn’t trust the doctor or the doctor was great but the price tag hit me like a…Dr Philomin listened to me. He tells it to you as it is, not just what you would like to hear. He loves his work. I am thrilled and my quality of life is better than ever now that I can smile freely!”

About Esthetix Dental Spa: Arvind Philomin, DDS uses state-of-the-art dental implant technology and equipment to provide care to every patient needing dental implants in the 10471 area and nearby. Patients at Esthetix Dental Spa can feel confident about the work being done and their new smile. Esthetix Dental Spa is proud to serve patients living in Upper Manhattan, Washington Heights, Riverdale, the Bronx and surrounding areas for the full mouth makeover.

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