Is Biting Your Nails Bad For Your Teeth?

Young Man Biting His Nails In Washington Heights, NYIn the pressures of life in NYC we understand that you may often feel nervous or stressed. Between school, work or the New York City commute, turning to a comforting habit such as nail biting may seem natural. Unfortunately, studies show that nail biting in the number one cause for bacteria in the digestive system. Additionally, small particles may become stuck between the teeth or in the mouth, causing unpleasant infections and bad breath.

Teeth Chipping & Enamel Damage: Your Teeth Are Not Cutting Tools!

We are always busy or on the run, but when you need a scissor or cutting tool, grab one! Many people tend to rip, open or bite things with their teeth, in an effort to save time. This can cause chipping and enamel damage.

Teeth Chipping & Enamel Damage: Your Teeth Are Not Cutting Tools!On a hot summer day, many of us are looking for an ounce of relief. While riding the subway it may seem tempting to chew on the leftover ice from our drink; don’t do it! This can easily cause chipping and the extreme cold temperature can cause tooth sensitivity.

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