How Can You Avoid Bacteria Accumulation On Your Dentures?

You probably have heard many tips about cleaning dentures, but one of the more challenging tasks is avoiding bacteria built up. So, how can you clean your dentures correctly to avoid bacterial build-up? That’s the question our Washington Heights dentist is ready to answer.

Here’s how bacteria can accumulate on your dentures:

  • By getting food trapped under the denture
  • By having food stick to the rough surface of dentures
  • By having hairline cracks or scratches on the surface of the denture.

To avoid bacteria accumulation, you must learn how to clean your dentures the right way. Learn all about it with the information below. 

Avoiding Bacteria Accumulation On Your Dentures in Washington Heights, NY

Brush Your Dentures Daily

The first thing you have to do to keep your dentures clean is to brush them daily. Use a soft-bristled denture brush with a mild cleaning paste to clean them well. 

By brushing your dentures, you eliminate food debris and other particles that stick to the denture’s surface. When brushing, do it inside and out so you can clean the entire area. Pay more attention to the side that rests against your gums as it is more susceptible to bacteria build-up. 

Rinse After Every Meal

Rinse your dentures after eating, even if you eat a small meal. You must do this before food debris becomes stuck to the dentures (hence the importance of doing immediately after each meal). 

The worst you can do is to let the food rest in your dentures after eating. Our Washington Heights dentist recommends rinsing them as soon as possible to lower the chances of plaque and bacteria build-up. 

Once you finish eating, go to the restroom to remove your dentures privately. Then, rinse them under cool, running water. Remember to clean them thoroughly to keep food particles away. 

Soak Your Dentures All Night Long

How Can You Avoid Bacteria Accumulation On Your Dentures In Washington Heights

Overnight soaking is crucial to keep your dentures in good shape. To do this, remove your dentures before sleeping and soak them in cool water or a pH-balanced cleaning solution made for cleaning dentures. Do this overnight to maintain their longevity and shape. 

Remember to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using any product for your dentures. Some cleaning solutions do not work for metal partial dentures. 

Clean Your Mouth, Even Without Dentures

You cannot forget to take care of your mouth when using dentures. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush to brush your gums and stimulate blood flow in your mouth. You must also brush your tongue to get rid of food debris that leads to bad breath.

Rinse your mouth with salt water before putting your dentures back. Rising your mouth will help you keep it clear of food particles from your gums and denture’s surface. 

Visit a Washington Heights dental clinic if you see any sign of damage in your dentures. 

What To Do When Not In Use

Store your dentures in a glass of clean water every time you don’t use them. Do not leave them out in the open air, as this can cause bacteria to contaminate them. Plus, it can alter their fit and damage their surface.

You can also wrap your dentures in a damp cloth and place them into a resealable plastic bag. Only use cold or warm water to store your dentures. Never use hot water as it can damage their fit. 

Do’s & Dont’s


  • Use a brush specifically designed for dentures.
  • Clean your gums, the insides of your cheeks, your tongue, and the roof of your mouth every time you remove your dentures.
  • Visit a dentist if your dentures have become loose.


  • Leave your dentures in your mouth while sleeping.
  • Clean your mouth with denture cleansers as they can cause irritation and harm.
  • Forget regular check-ups.

Keep Your Regular Check-Ups With A Washington Heights Dental Clinic

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