Are There Age Restrictions To Orthodontic Treatment?

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Orthodontics are often associated with pediatric patients. However, more and more adults worldwide are going for consultations to straighten their teeth or overbites. With today’s modern technology, braces are no longer referred to as undesirable “train tracks.” They are now used as both a functional and aesthetic procedure, which will help to improve your smile, confidence and self esteem at any age.

A Brief History Of Braces & Orthodontic Appliances

Back in the day, braces were thought to be unsightly metal pieces which were cemented to the teeth.  Today’s generation of braces have been completely modernized, both aesthetically and functionally.  Braces with traditional bands and wires are still utilized in many patients, but they are much less bulky than in years past.  

How Do Teeth Straightening Devices Align Your Teeth?

Braces are made up of brackets, which are bonded onto the enamel of the tooth.  These act as anchors for the other structures. The wires are attached to them, which are tightened by the doctor gradually to improve your smile. There are now enamel-colored brackets available, as well as very thin metal brackets, which can be ultimately undetectable to others. In some cases, especially in adults, the entire bracket can actually be bonded to the interior portion of the tooth, so they are completely invisible to the outside world!

Who’s A Proper Candidate For Braces?

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There is no time like the present to call Esthetix Dental Spa for an evaluation! For pediatric patients, visiting the dentist for an orthodontic screening is recommended once they have lost the majority of their baby teeth. Braces are proven to be most effective during adolescent years, as this is the best stage of development to re-align to the structures of the mouth.

At this appointment, our knowledgeable dentists of Washington Heights will perform a full exam of our teeth, gumline and jaw. The staff will also take x-rays if necessary to see if any over or underbite is present. Some orthodontic procedures focus on the alignment of the mouth while others correct crooked or overcrowded teeth. In some cases, certain teeth may need to be extracted prior to the braces being placed. Some adults who have worn braces or retainers in their adolescence may need additional treatments, as alignment can easily change, based on certain factors such as injury, illness, or even developmental deformities of the mouth or jaw.

Contact A Top-Rated Orthodontist In Washington Heights Today!

It is important to see your dentist regularly while wearing the braces, as they are frequently adjusted to reach your ultimate alignment goal. It is also essential to practice proper dental hygiene while wearing them, to ensure a straight, bright white smile!  Call Esthetix Dental Spa’s leading Washington Heights dentists today at (212) 795-9675.