Tips For Understanding The Dental Crown Process

A dental crown is a specialty cap that is used by dentists to completely cover a damaged tooth. These cosmetic dentistry implements are designed to look, feel, and function similarly to a natural tooth. Although the process of having a crown placed by your Washington Heights dentist is relatively simple, there are several steps that must be completed in order to prepare your mouth for this treatment and ensure a good result.

Dental Crown

Steps To Preparing a Tooth For a Crown

Before your dentist can insert your new crown over your tooth, they will need to numb your mouth using a local anesthetic. Although the dental crown preparation process is not necessarily painful, local anesthesia ensures your comfort and makes this common dental procedure much easier.

Once the area is sufficiently numb, your Washington Heights cosmetic dentist will follow these four steps:

Removal Of Any Damaged Areas

There are many reasons why your dentist may recommend a dental crown, but the most common is to support and cover a tooth that has been chipped, cracked, decayed, or otherwise damaged. This means that the first step in preparing your tooth for a dental crown is removing any areas of damage or decay. Usually, a dental drill will be used in this step. Although a dental drill may sound intimidating or painful, your local anesthetic will prevent you from feeling any pain or discomfort. Removal of any damaged or decayed areas of your teeth is essential for the future health of the remainder of your tooth as well as your gums, nerves, jaw bone, and surrounding teeth.

Cleaning The Area

Once the damage and decay has been carefully removed, your Washington Heights cosmetic dentist will carefully and gently clean the remainder of your tooth. Especially if you’ve had a cavity or area of decay, the removal of any damaged tooth material will result in small empty spaces in your tooth. These empty spaces are particularly vulnerable to bacterial growth, so it’s important that your dentist carefully cleans and disinfects the area before putting in your dental crown.

Filling The Tooth

Dental Crown Process

After the decay has been removed and the area has been thoroughly cleaned, your Washington Heights dentist will fill the empty spaces in your tooth with a specialized material. This can protect your tooth against bacteria and reduce the risk of future damage and infections.

Smoothing Out Your Tooth

The last step of preparing your tooth for a dental crown is smoothing the surfaces of your tooth. It’s very common for decayed or damaged teeth to have sharp edges that can cause tiny cuts to your tongue and the rest of your mouth. Your dentist will use multiple specialized tools in order to shave down and smooth out the rough edges of your tooth. The numbing medication that was administered at the beginning of your dental crown procedure will prevent any discomfort.

The Final Steps Of Dental Crown Installation

Once your dentist has finished the four major steps of preparation for your dental, your tooth will be ready for a temporary crown. It can take a few days to a few weeks for your permanent, custom dental crown to be completed in the dental lab. Once it’s ready, you’ll be called back to your Washington Heights dental office to finalize the procedure and receive your beautiful permanent dental crown.

While you have a temporary dental crown, your dentist will give you advice on how to care for it and avoid damage. This can include careful tooth brushing techniques, avoiding very cold liquids, and not eating very sticky, chewy, or hard foods. It’s important to follow these guidelines so that you don’t cause damage and pain to your newly restored tooth. Once it’s put into your mouth, your permanent crown will provide additional protection and support for your mouth.

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