Washington Heights Dentists Explain How Certain Cosmetic Treatments Can Prevent Tooth Problems

Washington Heights Dentists Explain How Certain Cosmetic Treatments Can Prevent Tooth ProblemsYou don’t have to settle for a smile that does make you truly happy. You don’t have to keep covering your smile or feeling self-conscious about showing it. Whatever problems you have with your smile, you can fix them. There are cosmetic dental treatments that can help you straighten your smile, fill gaps, reverse damage, and whiten your teeth. You can get the brilliant smile that you’ve always wanted to look better and to feel more confident. 

In addition to helping you create a smile that you’ll love showing, many cosmetic dental procedures can actually help you to improve your overall oral health and to prevent tooth decay. Here’s how: 

Correct Teeth Alignment

Teeth that are crooked, misshapen, overlapping, or that have other problems can create a lot of spaces for food to get trapped. That can make it harder for you to clean your teeth, and it can keep that food and bacteria close to your teeth, giving it time to do some real damage. Plaque will build up, and the bacteria can multiply, causing extensive decay.

You can get Invisalisgn treatment or braces to correct your misalignment and take away those hiding spots for bacteria and plaque. It will also be easier for you to clean your straighter teeth, which will reduce the bacteria in your mouth and prevent decay. 

Fix Broken Or Damaged Teeth

Your teeth may have already been damaged. Maybe you have some decay already, or maybe you have damaged your teeth in an accident. If you do not fix this damage, your tooth will be vulnerable to extensive decay. It only takes the enamel being damaged to let in bacteria. Imagine what’s happening when you have big cracks or chips in your teeth.

There are many ways you can fix this damage through cosmetic procedures, depending on what kind of damage there is. Dental inlays or overlays, crowns, and even veneers can all restore damaged teeth. The right procedure can restore the integrity of the tooth while also improving its look. 

Replace Missing Teeth

You may lose teeth through gum disease, an accident, or some other circumstances. If you leave that gap in your smile open, you are increasing the risk to the surrounding teeth and gums. With the tooth gone, the other teeth and gums will have greater exposure to plaque and bacteria. The gums can also be weakened by bone deterioration in the spot where the tooth was. 

Replacing a lost tooth with a dental implant can provide the needed protection for surrounding teeth. Since the implant is placed directly into the jawbone, it can also promote new bone growth to strengthen the gums. 

Reduce The Risk Of Gum Disease

Woman With A Bright Smile After A Cosmetic Dental Treatment In Washington Heights, NYThe same conditions that contribute to tooth decay can also contribute to gum disease, which is a progressive condition that can cause major problems for your oral health and can increase the risk to your overall health. By correcting some of the cosmetic issues in your mouth, you also improve your overall oral health and reduce the risk of gum disease. Since gum disease is linked to chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes, reducing your risk also improves your overall health. 

Improving your smile is not just about the way you look – though that is an important aspect of it. Improving the way your smile looks can also lead to better dental and physical health outcomes, such as reducing tooth decay and improving gum health. Talk to a cosmetic dentist about solutions for any issues that you are experiencing with your smile, such as poor alignment, damage, or missing teeth. Correcting these issues will improve your oral health while also making you feel happier when you look in the mirror. 

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