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    Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

    More and more people are choosing to get dental implants. They like that they can last for a long time and they look like natural teeth. Other people in their life won’t even be able to tell that they have a dental implant to begin with. Dental technology has made big advancements over the years and these implants could last for life if you take good care of them.

    Benefits of Getting Dental Implants:

    Improved Speech

    You need to act quickly if you lose teeth, since the other ones will shift on your jaw and make talking very hard. Getting an implant will remedy that situation for you.

    Improved Comfort

    Missing teeth can make life uncomfortable. You can find previously simple tasks like eating, drinking, and even just sitting around uncomfortable and even painful sometimes. Dental implants will make things comfortable.

    Improved Oral Health

    Should you lose teeth, that does not solve the problem – other oral health issues could still be present. Your dentist will thoroughly clean out the area when they are doing the dental implant procedure.

    Improved Appearance

    You will love showing off your smile around your friends and family. The dental implant will look like a natural tooth and act like one as well. This makes it a worthwhile investment for you.

    Dental Implant Services With Payment Plans

    Don’t be intimidated by the price tag for the dental implant. Yes, it may seem like a sudden expense, but we offer third-party financing and also have payment plans to ease any budgetary concerns you may have. That way, you can focus on your teeth and not your bank account.

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      Single Implant Replaced

      for as little as

      $97 a month*

      Implant Retained Dentures


      $247a month*

      Full Fixed Arch

      as low as

      $347a month*

      *Subject to Credit Approval

      At your consultation, we can review all the options available to you.

      Special Offers

      • Complementary Second OPINION: Quality diagnostic Xrays required.
      • Interest free and Low interest financing available for qualified patients for the entire treatment.

      Special Implant


      • Pre-screening implant questionnaire
      • CT scan and Other radiographs
      • One on one consult with Dr Philomin and any other specialist he deems necessary in the office
      • Discussing Financing options should you require third party financing
      • FREE esthetix Merchandise (whitening kit and 360 degree tooth brush while supplies last)

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