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Top-Rated Tooth Veneers With Payment Plans

At Esthetix Dental Spa, we know that veneers can be a sudden cost. Not to worry – we have payment plans that will work with your budget. You will be able to make payments without straining your bank account. Our staff will clearly explain the terms of the payment plans so that you know exactly what you will be paying at what time.

That way, you can focus on getting your veneers to look perfect in your mouth and to show them off to everyone around you. It is a great way to improve the look of your teeth for a very long time.

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Benefits Of Getting Porcelain Tooth Crowns

There are a lot of great reasons to get dental crowns. They are very sturdy, last a long time and can act like a natural tooth. You will have to make only small adjustments in terms of what you eat – no hard candies, since biting on them can cause them to crack. The crowns are strong but they can be broken. The dentist can make the crown have the exact same color as your other teeth so that it looks natural. Soon, you will be eating, drinking and talking like you did in the past.

Repair A Broken Tooth With A Porcelain Tooth Crown At Our Dental Office Near Hudson Heights

Broken Tooth

This is an excellent option to protect a broken tooth and keep it from getting further damaged or infected.

Fix Decayed Teeth With Dental Crowns Near Hudson Heights

Decayed Teeth

If you need to have a root canal, the dentist will clean out the tooth and remove the infected area. The crown will then protect the tooth.

Protect And Strengthen Damaged Teeth With Dental Crowns

Protect & Strengthen Damaged Teeth

If your teeth are damaged, a crown will act as a cover for it, which can allow it to get stronger over time.

Improve Tooth Appearance With Dental Crowns And Veneers At Our Dental Office

Improved Tooth Appearance

A crown can give you the appearance of a natural tooth. You won’t feel self-conscious about the state of your teeth when you have one.

You will find that the process for getting a veneer or a crown is a very simple one. When you decide on a veneer, your dentist will show you what it will look like. They will then make a temporary veneer while waiting for the final version. It involves them shaving a small amount of enamel off the front of the tooth, so this is not a reversible process. Then the final veneer will go on. Getting a crown usually takes two visits, with your getting a temporary one first and then the permanent one. The permanent one is bonded to the tooth it is covering, so it will stay there.

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