The Best Time To Replace Your Dental Fillings

It’s always a good idea to check your dental health, and one of the easiest ways to do this is by checking your fillings. However, it’s easy to miss something if you don’t talk to your Washington Heights dentist on time. You must pay attention to your teeth to know if it’s time to replace your fillings and you should also visit the dentist to get rid of any potential damage. 

Dental Fillings are typically made up of an amalgam material, which is a combination of metals and mercury. Over time, amalgam fillings can corrode and release mercury into your mouth. This mercury can interact with other materials in your mouth, such as bacteria, and cause problems such as bad breath and tooth decay.

Read on to know the best time to replace your dental fillings.

Washington Heights dentist giving Dental Fillings

Common Damage Indicators

Fillings can sometimes crack and break. This is common after eating something hard or chewy. So, if you’re eating and suddenly realize you have a missing piece of filling in your mouth, a quick look in the mirror may reveal that part of the filling has broken away from the tooth.

White or dark patches on the tooth near the filling are another sign of deterioration. These blemishes could be degradation indicators. Even a minor crack in the filling can weaken its ability to safeguard the tooth. 

Regardless of the situation, you should always contact a Washington Heights dentist, especially if you feel something strange in your tooth.

Some fillings seem to be in good condition but start to feel scratchy when you run your tongue over them. Fillings should feel smooth, not rough. Any signs of roughness might indicate that the filling is deteriorating.

These are other common signs of deteriorating fillings:


Fillings don’t usually show evident signs of deterioration. Little chips and cracks may not be obvious every time you look in the mirror. However, your tooth could suffer severe complications, including toothache, if the filling doesn’t offer an intact seal. 

The tooth may constantly ache or throb, or perhaps you only experience issues after eating or drinking. When you eat on the tooth, it may feel sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, or it may feel painful or stiff. Even while this pain might not stay long, it will likely return the next time you eat or drink.

Shredding Floss

If there is a filling in the side of a tooth, you won’t be able to see any or all of it. It hides between two teeth, out of sight. Since it’s more difficult to spot, your Washington Heights dentist will probably be the only one who can check it if there’s any damage.

Although it is more difficult to find issues with these fillings, your floss may give you a hint that something is wrong.

For example, if you floss between two teeth and the floss comes out slightly shredded, the filling may be damaged. The margins of the filling will be harsh if it has chipped or broken off. These edges snag on the floss and cause the strands to break.

Bad Tastes & Bad Breath

You can get a serious case of bad breath if a filling fails. You can also get an unpleasant taste in your mouth. Even after brushing your teeth, this taste or scent persists. If that taste or smell is related to a problematic filling, it could be a clue that you have some decay difficulties going on behind the scenes.Washington Heights dentist Giving Dental Fillings

A Change In Color

You may decide to replace a filling for cosmetic reasons. For example, if you have an old white filling, it may no longer be white. As a result, the filling stands out rather than blending in with the rest of the tooth.

Alternatively, if you recently had your teeth whitened by a Washington Heights dentist, your previous filling can look weird. 

Since the whitening procedure won’t have any effect on the filling, it will appear discolored or yellow compared to the other teeth. In these situations, placing a new filling restores the tooth’s uniform color.

Contacting A Trusted Dentist

Contact Esthetix Dental Spa if you suspect you have a damaged filling or want to replace an old filling that no longer looks good in your mouth. One of our skilled dentists can immediately evaluate your questionable filling and inform you if any work is necessary.

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