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    Top Advantages of Choosing Implants

    Opting for dental implants has several advantages over traditional tooth replacement methods. Unlike dentures or bridges, implants offer a long-term solution that looks, feels, and works like your natural teeth. Implants can improve your mouth health, chewing skills, and face aesthetics. Finally, implants help preserve bone density and prevent adjacent teeth from moving. Dental implants, with their stability and duration, are an excellent investment in your oral health and overall well-being.

    Benefits Of Getting Dental Implants:

    Speech Enhancement

    Dental implants can significantly improve speech by stabilizing while supporting the surrounding structures. Implants, unlike removable dentures, act like real teeth, resulting in improved pronunciation and improved phonetics. Dental implants may assist you bring back lost confidence in your speaking and communication skills.

    Increased Comfort

    Implants offer greater comfort compared to traditional dentures, as they feel more natural because they are securely connected to the jawbone, eliminating the discomfort that is usually associated with loose-fitting dentures. They can also help you feel less awkward and more secure with your smile, improving your self-esteem.

    Improved Oral Health

    By maintaining bone density and safeguarding adjacent teeth from decay, dental implants significantly contribute to improved oral health. Unlike traditional bridges, implants don’t require altering neighboring teeth for support, which promotes long-term dental health and stability. Invest in your oral health with dental implants for lasting benefits.

    Improved Appearance

    Enhancing your appearance, dental implants closely mimic natural teeth, restoring your smile and blending seamlessly. With implants, you can recover confidence in your smile and facial shape, and continue improving your overall appearance and self-worth. Experience the life-changing impact of dental implants to get a beautiful smile.

    Flexible Payment & Financing Solutions

    We understand that dental implant procedures can be a significant investment. That’s why we offer flexible payment and financing solutions to make quality dental care accessible to all. Whether through installment plans or financing options, we strive to accommodate your budgetary needs while ensuring you receive the best possible dental treatment. Your smile’s health and beauty are within reach with our flexible payment options.

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      Single Implant Replacement

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      Implant Retained Dentures


      $247a month*

      Full Fixed Arch Restoration

      as low as

      $347a month*

      *Subject to Credit Approval

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      Exclusive Offers

      • Complementary Second OPINION: Quality diagnostic Xrays required.
      • Interest free and Low interest financing available for qualified patients for the entire treatment.

      Special Implant


      • Pre-screening implant questionnaire
      • CT scan and Other radiographs
      • One on one consult with Dr Philomin and any other specialist he deems necessary in the office
      • Discussing Financing options should you require third party financing
      • FREE esthetix Merchandise (whitening kit and 360 degree tooth brush while supplies last)

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