Best Invisalign treatment in NYCWhen you are considering getting teeth aligners to help you get your smile where you want it to be, you may see a lot of ads for things like mail-in ones. That’s where you would sign up, they would send you material to put in your mouth to make a mold from and then they would send you back a series of trays or mouthguards to wear over a course of time.

While that sounds great and the prices that they tout are much cheaper than Invisalign, you also are not doing it under strict supervision from an orthodontist. Also, if something goes wrong, you lose time having to mail things back and forth… which hardly makes for a speedy process of getting straight teeth for a smile, does it?

That’s why it’s better to use Invisalign and their patented SmartTrack and Smart Force technology.

Here are things that you should learn about SmartTrack and SmartForce before you get started.

Why Do People Like Invisalign?

Well, the main reason is that it’s a way to straighten out your teeth without needing metal braces. The mouthguards are much more discreet, and they can be taken out for eating – which opens up a much wider range of food choices as opposed to those braces, which limit them. The SmartTrack material is something that the Invisalign company researched for eight years before even releasing it in 2013.

Seven years later, people love how comfortable the material is while it is constantly working in the background to move the teeth into their correct position. There is usually not the same discomfort as when one has to have their braces tightened. People who do not do well with pain are more than satisfied with what happens with Invisalign and SmartTrack.

The SmartTrack also does a great job of controlling how certain complex teeth movements occur throughout the process. Sometimes those movements can make wearing braces a longer process. Studies have shown that this material can cut the alignment process in half over braces.

What About SmartForce?

This is a part of the Invisalign process for some patients. There are small attachments that are put on the front of the teeth that help the mouthguard with its alignment process. These are the SmartForce. Those attachments are tooth-colored and are not noticeable. Sometimes the dentist or orthodontist will put them on the teeth before the whole process begins or they may do it in the middle.

While this works, not everyone is going to need them. The dentist may notice that teeth are shifting a certain way and want to get them to go in another direction. That’s where the SmartForce comes in. It’s another tool in their Invisalign kit to help certain teeth do complex movements. People have said that the material forms better around their teeth than from competing aligners.

Who Is A Candidate?

The thing with Invisalign is that it can work for people of all ages, ranging from adolescents to senior citizens. The only requirement is that they have all their adult teeth in first. Like the other products that were mentioned, it involves having a mold made – after the dentist has thoroughly examined your mouth to make sure that there are no underlying issues like an overcrowded mouth – that would necessitate things like tooth extraction.

While the vast majority of people can get Invisalign, there are some who can’t – those people may have gum disease or other oral health problems. Those need to be rectified in some way before any consideration can be given.

Getting Invisalign is something that has helped many people gain the smile that they have always wanted. SInce Invisalign and dentists or orthodontists work closely together, they can monitor how things are going. Fixes can happen a lot quicker here than if you do aligners through the mail. Yes, those have worked, but people run the risk of adding a lot more time. They can be smarter than that with SmartTrack and SmartForce.

The staff at Esthetix Dental Spa are experts at Invisalign. They will make sure that everything goes smoothly from the day that you come in for an exam through the fitting to the wearing of it. If you have any questions, they will gladly answer it at your next appointment. Give them a call at 212-795-9675 to see what they can do for you.

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