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When something happens to your tooth, whether it happened overnight or in a sudden accident, getting a veneer can represent a drastic change to your budget. We know that, which is why we offer payment plans to ease the burden on your wallet. Our terms are very fair and you will have more than enough time to pay us back. Once the plan is settled and agreed upon, then you can just focus on the process of getting your brand-new veneers that will make your smile stand out.

Our staff will gladly answer any questions that you might have about the payment plans. Reach out to us today.

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Benefits Of Getting Porcelain Tooth Crowns

A porcelain dental crown can be an excellent option for a variety of situations. Would you need to get a filling, but it would be too large and might damage the structure of your tooth? The crown would be a better option to protect that tooth after the dentist has cleaned out the area to keep any decay from worsening. It will be a sturdy protector of your tooth and you can eat and drink close to the same way that you did before you needed the crown.

We can customize the crown to fit perfectly with the rest of your natural teeth. That’s a reason to smile right there.

Repair A Broken Tooth With A Porcelain Tooth Crown Near Fort George

Broken Tooth

Do you have a broken tooth that you want to keep from having to be extracted? A dental crown will do an excellent job of protecting the tooth.

Fix Decayed Teeth With Dental Crowns Near Fort George

Decayed Teeth

A tooth might be really badly decayed and require a root canal. Once the dentist has done that, a dental crown can protect the tooth.

Protect And Strengthen Damaged Teeth With Dental Crowns

Protect & Strengthen Damaged Teeth

Things happen and you have a damaged tooth or teeth. The crown will cover it and allow it to get stronger under it.

Improve Tooth Appearance With Dental Crowns And Veneers Near Fort George

Improved Tooth Appearance

A crown can just plain improve how your tooth looks. It will resemble a natural one and will make you happy to smile again.

You can expect to go to the dentist several times when it comes to getting a veneer. It is a process – one that you want to make sure is done right from the very start. Your dentist will show you what it will look like with the veneer and then shave off a small bit of enamel on the front. Once they do this, it is not reversible, so you need to be absolutely certain. At first you will get a temporary veneer and then a bit later, the final one will be bonded to the front. The same goes for your dental crown. First, a temporary one will be made and will be placed using material that can come off. Then the permanent one is bonded on top of your tooth. Then you can go smile.

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