Important Reasons Why People Might Get Diastema

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Take a look at your mouth. There may be a gap between two of your teeth – usually the front ones. You may see gaps between all of your teeth. There may be gaps in other parts of your mouth, including your canines. These all are called a diastema. You should have your Washington Heights dentist take a look at it to make sure that nothing serious is lurking in the background.

Read on to learn more about why people might get a diastema:

Your Teeth Are Not The Right Size For Your Jawbone

Your teeth and your jawbone need to slot perfectly so that they align. If your teeth wind up being too small for your jawbone, then there will be gaps between the teeth. This could be a genetic situation, so you might see entire families with diastemas. This can also happen if your teeth are different sizes or some are missing, so that means there will be spaces between the teeth.

Your Labial Frenum Is Oversized

If you lift your upper lip and look in the mirror, you can see the labial frenum – the tissue which runs from the inside of your upper lip to the gum that is above your upper front teeth. If it turns out that there is a lot of this tissue, then the result can be a gap between your teeth.

You Sucked Your Thumb As a Child

This is one reason why your teeth might look like they do. When you suck on your thumb, it causes pressure on your teeth, which can push them out of alignment and thus create the gap between the teeth. The same could happen if a baby uses a pacifier for too long when their teeth are coming in. It’s best to stop doing either as soon as possible so to help ensure that their teeth come in as close as possible.

You Are Swallowing Incorrectly

Yes, it is possible to do this. When you swallow, your tongue should just press the roof of your mouth. There are times when the reflex has you pushing against the back of your teeth. That can, in time, create the diastema.

You Have Gum Disease

If you have gum disease that has advanced beyond gingivitis, which is reversible, then your teeth might wind up shifting … and possibly loosening. That is because the bone that supported your teeth has become damaged.

How To Fix Diastemas

There are times where treatment might not be needed, especially if there are size differences between teeth. But if it is necessary, after consulting a dental professional, orthodontics are one way to solve this issue. There are two different types of orthodontics that your Washington Heights dentist might suggest.


Not to complicate the matter further, but this is more a matter of aesthetics when it comes to choosing braces. There are the ones that can go behind your teeth or you can opt for the traditional metal braces. The ones that go behind are called lingual braces and they tend to cost more. The drawback of either one is that you can’t eat everything you used to before and brushing your teeth is a bit more time consuming.


A woman with braces in Washington Heights, NY.

This is when you get a series of clear trays or mouthguards that will slowly shift your teeth into position. You will wear them roughly 22 hours a day and while you can take them out to eat, you also have to be mindful of where you have it so you don’t forget it. Also, if you skip around, you will find yourself with mouthguards that don’t fit.

Other options include dental bonding, crowns, and veneers. It all depends on your budget and what you want your teeth to look like.

Children might have gaps in their teeth when they lose their baby teeth and their adult teeth are first setting in. Those gaps often are closed soon, but it’s always good to have a dentist check on their progress as time goes by so as to make a determination as to what is needed.

Having them is not the end of the world. There are people who live their whole lives with it. Football player and television personality Michael Strahan is a recognizable one. He feels that it is part of his brand – but he also sees a Washington Heights dentist regularly to ensure that there are no other problems lurking. He did prank his fans on April Fools one year, pretending that he had the gap filled. It was just a temporary fix and he has the gap again.

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