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Affordable Denture Implants Near Bronx
Affordable Denture Implants Near Bronx

Esthetix Dental Spa is a top-rated cosmetic dentistry office that can provide full-mouth dental implants in the Bronx. Our cosmetic dentists near the Bronx are skilled and equipped with the latest industry-leading methods to give you a safe procedure at affordable prices.

Durable And Long-Lasting Implants Near The Bronx
Durable & Long-Lasting Implants

Our implants are made with the highest-quality materials to ensure their resistance and make them long-lasting. They are made of strong materials and act like natural teeth so you don’t have to worry about how you look whenever you smile.

Fast Recovery After A Dental Implant Surgery At Esthetix Dental Spa
Fast Recovery After A Dental Implant Surgery

Like other major procedures and surgeries, there’s a healing process after dental implants, but we you go through rapid recovery periods and short treatments so you may continue with your usual routine immediately! We also guide you through the healing process to guarantee long-lasting results.

Aftercare And Dental Implant Maintenance
Aftercare And Implant Maintenance

Following the surgery, you will have to avoid rinsing your mouth to avoid disturbing the surgical site. Additionally, you’ll need to follow other recommendations, but our skilled dentists we’ll guide you with the aftercare with efficient and friendly customer service.

Natural-Looking Implants For Superior Comfort
Natural-Looking Implants For Superior Comfort

Our dentists will make sure that your new dental implants are natural-looking, which means they will be a perfect fit for your mouth and won’t stand out among your teeth. We can make sure your new implant blends in perfectly with the rest so you can feel comfortable whenever you smile.

Same-Day Full Denture Implant Services Near Bronx, NY
Same-Day Full Denture Implants

Esthetix Dental Spa is dedicated to offering a full-service, quick experience by implanting a full denture in as little as one day. With trustworthy dental implant procedures, we include several quick and affordable options to keep your oral health intact.

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    Dental Implant Services With Payment Plans

    At Esthetix Dental Spa, we know that a dental implant can be a sudden expense for Bronx residents. That is why we offer payment plans that will not strain your budget.  Reach out to us today to learn more.

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      Single Implant Replaced

      for as little as

      $97 a month*

      Implant Retained Dentures


      $247a month*

      Full Fixed Arch

      as low as

      $347a month*

      *Subject to Credit Approval

      At your consultation, we can review all the options available to you.

      Special Offers

      • Complementary Second OPINION: Quality diagnostic Xrays required.
      • Interest free and Low interest financing available for qualified patients for the entire treatment.


      • Pre-screening implant questionnaire

      • CT scan and Other radiographs

      • One on one consult with Dr Philomin and any other specialist he deems necessary in the office

      • Discussing Financing options should you require third party financing

      • FREE esthetix Merchandise (whitening kit and 360 degree tooth brush while supplies last)