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A common solution for receding gums is a gum graft, which is a procedure performed by your dentist that involves the grafting of tissue from surrounding gums or even the roof of your mouth. The tissue is stitched to the gum tissue to cover the exposed roots of your teeth. Esthetix Dental Spa is proud to provide affordable New York gum grafting for patients who suffer from gum recession, giving you excellent payment plans and a high-quality dental experience.

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Gingiva Restoration Dentist

The need for bone tissue regeneration is often for implant placement in the jaw bone. There are plenty of bone augmentation materials that allow Dr Philomin and his team to build back the lost bone or prevent the loss of bone at the time of extraction using socket preservation techniques.

Soft Tissue Regeneration

Soft Tissue

Our New York dentists can provide high-quality soft tissue regeneration to help combat gum recession, utilizing advanced technology & state of the art techniques.

Lost Bone Recreation

Lost Bone

If you have noticed bone loss in your jaw, Esthetix Dental Spa offers lost bone recreation and periodontal therapy to ensure the restoration of the bone and your gums.

Completely Reverse Receding Gums

Completely Reverse
Receding Gums

With help from revolutionary techniques and qualified dentists in New York, Esthetix Dental Spa can completely reverse your receding gums. Contact us to learn more!

With time the grafted socket is replaced with natural bone formation from the body, Implants can be placed and new teeth can be built from these screw forms placed in the Jaw bone. the procedures are extremely predictable and the prognosis is excellent.

Avoid Common Issues of
Gingival Recession

Gum recession can be caused by many different factors, but primarily, either aggressive tooth brushing or periodontal disease. This can lead to the following oral health issues:

Root Sensitivity


Gingival recession may cause severe pain in your teeth and gums.

Loss Of Supporting Bone

Loss Of
Supporting Bone

The supporting bone can weaken and also begin to recede.

Plaque And Tartar Build Up

Plaque & Tartar
Build Up

It can also cause plaque & tartar buildup, resulting in other issues, too.

Tooth Decay


Tooth decay can lead to more severe issues and costly dental needs.

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Gum Line Specialists in Washington Heights

The concept of tissue grafting has allowed us to cover the exposed tooth root surfaces with acellular dermal matrix restoring gingiva along the root surfaces. Through advanced restorative procedures and with help from trained and credentialed New York receding gum line specialists, we can help restore your gums and prevent further gum recession and bone loss.

Painless Gum Graft Procedures

Painless Gum Graft

Esthetix Dental Spa is committed to providing painless gum graft procedures in a comfortable and welcoming environment to keep you relaxed and at ease.

Experienced Dental Professionals

Experienced Dental Professionals

Our team of experienced New York dentists are highly trained and qualified to perform a variety of complex dental surgeries to help maintain your oral health.

The Latest In Tissue Regeneration Technology

The Latest In Tissue Regeneration Technology

Using state of the art technology and the latest tissue regeneration techniques, Esthetix Dental Spa can ensure full tissue regeneration through a progressive approach.


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