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ESTHETIX DENTAL SPA is located in heart of Washington Heights, NYC. We are easily accessible by subway or car. Our combined expertise has helped thousands of patients in the New York City area for over 10 years. Dr Philomin and his team employ the latest technology available for dental implants, invisalign, dentures and any aspect of general dentistry. Our great reputation for cosmetic and family dentistry is easily seen with our Google reviews and several other review sites where a great many patients have expressed satisfaction with their overall care including the actual procedures as well as the staff experience.

What we offer at Esthetix is better health for your teeth and a great smile. Both of these things contribute to having an improved quality of life. We work with our patients to enable them to afford the care they need. Once they have enhanced their smiles it is often observed that their lives and livelihoods improve too!

Your good experience with us is what we are here for! Esthetix Dental Spa of New York was created to produce beautiful smiles, healthy teeth and very satisfied patients.

We are honored to serve the good people of Washington Heights 10032 and Riverdale 10471, as well as all areas of Manhattan and North Jersey

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Innovating Great Smiles

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Patient Success Stories

by RAINEY allcaps on Patient Success Stories

I've been a patient at Esthetix for about eight months, and it's honestly the best. I looked around and tried different places and they were way too corporate with their approach and more moneydriven than focused on my treatment. Esthetix does what's best for you regardless of whether or not it makes them more or less money, and the doctors and staff are very organized, well mannered, and easily approachable. I definitely recommend this place over a lot of the other ones in the area. The wait is never long and the job gets done in a timely fashion.

by Renato Gomes on Patient Success Stories

The entire team at Esthetix Dental Spa provide an exceptional customer service and they ensure you feel comfortable. The doctors are well trained and experienced. In addition, doctors will educate you and ensure that your treatment will be the best. I would recommend them to everyone.

by Adriel Morel on Patient Success Stories

Constantly hopping from orthodontist to orthodontist, you will never find a place like Esthetix. Esthetix provides top of the class dental service. From good and nice employees to well and skilled orthodontists, I recommend this place to anybody. Excellent place to go to and pleasant atmosphere.

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Insurance Manager


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Financial Secretary


Dr. Le, Esthetix Dental,
Associate Dentist


Elizabeth Riley,
Scheduling Coordinator

  • I am not one to enjoy dentist visits because of the fears I tend to have of syringes and the likes. I have also experience horrendous practices in the past. However, the doctors and the entire staff at Esthetix Dental Spa changed that very quickly. It became very obvious that my health and well-being was their primary concerns; not just their bottom line. I have had major work done and every one of my appointments were as “enjoyable” and painless as it could have been. If you are looking for a caring practice with flawless work ethics, this is the place to go to.

    S. D. – New York,NY

  • I went to Esthetix Dental Spa for the first time a few months back and at the time I had broken a tooth. Needless to say, I was in excruciating pain and wanted an immediate solution. Prior to this crisis, I had stopped going to the dentist over ten years ago due to lack of professionalism. At Esthetix, I found the dental care I needed and it has been provided in a professional manner. Here I am, a few months later with two new implants, two root canals, and a great dental health thanks to the staff at Esthetix.

    A.C. Riverdale New York, N.Y

  • I am very happy and satisfied with the work and care I had at Esthetix Dental consultant. I feel very comfortable with Dr. Philomin, Dr. Divya and their staff. They are very professional and they help patients to make the best decision on any dental treatment they need. I think when I chose Esthetix Dental, that was the best decision I made…thank you.

    L.S. Washington Heights New York, N.Y