Toothache Treatment Washington Heights NYC

There are very few things which people dread more than a toothache.  Toothaches often occur at the most inopportune times, usually before an important event or meeting.  However, although there are many over the counter remedies available for toothaches, it is important to have a professional evaluation.  There are several different signs and symptoms which many accompany the pain, but your dentist can help discover and diagnose the underlying cause and the root of the problem.

Reasons You May Have A Toothache

One of the most common causes of pain within the mouth and below the surface of the teeth is decay. Tooth decay may be found in the form of plaque and builds up steadily and quickly when left untreated.  In some cases, the actual bony structure of the tooth may be fractured, which may be the result of trauma or a stress fracture.  In other cases, abscesses have been found below the outer enamel surface, which must be drained and treated with antibiotics quickly to prevent the spread of infection.

Types Of Toothaches

Some toothaches may the result of repetitive teeth grinding (this may occur at night while sleeping or during times of stress), which will cause a dull, consistent pain and ache.  If the gums are infected, you may experience a sharp pain, especially when eating and brushing. In severe cases, swelling may develop around the affected area, which is one of the sure signs of a developing or developed infection.  Some patients have noted an unpleasant taste or smell coming from an area associated with a toothache.  The final and most sure sign that you must make an immediate dental appointment is if a fever is developed in conjunction with pain in the mouth.

Diagnosis and Treatment

As if having a toothache isn’t scary enough, making a dental appointment may seem intimidating for some as well.  However, if you experience this pain for over twenty four to forty eight hours, it is important to make an appointment and avoid any delays in your treatment.  Your dentist will begin with a conversation regarding your medical and dental history, as well as any past procedures you may have had and any medications you may currently be taking.  Once this is complete, they will conduct a physical exam, which may be followed with radiographic exams, or x-rays.  Once the location and cause of the pain is determined, a treatment plan will be put in place, which may include an in-office procedure as well as home care for future prevention.

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