No matter the time of year, sugary foods and drinks are always tempting. It can be Christmastime and you love those candy canes. What better way to stay cool on a hot summer day than downing a cold soda? A chocolate bar can always hit the spot. If you are not careful, though, you could find yourself in need of a dentist in Washington Heights sooner than you anticipate. Everything you need to know about sugar and your teeth in Washington Heights, NY

There are a variety of reasons why sugar is bad for your teeth. You can take steps to prevent that,though. Best of all, it only takes a small time commitment to preserve your teeth. 

Here’s how sugar interacts with your teeth.

It Adds Plaque and Can Attack Your Enamel

Normally, you want your teeth free of any debris, like food particles. Sugar interacts with your mouth in a way that is a bit more invisible at first. It adds plaque to the surface of your teeth and that will eventually harden and become tartar. You can remove the plaque, especially in the early stages, but after a while, your Washington Heights preventive dentist or hygienist will have to do that. Tartar definitely has to be removed by a dental professional. 

If you are drinking soda with sugar in it, then you are adding an extra chemical reaction. The soda mixes with your saliva and creates an acid that will try to eat its way through your enamel. This attack goes on for 20 minutes at a time… per swallow. An afternoon of drinking soda,whether at home or at the pool, can have your teeth be in a constant state of bombardment. 

How to Protect Against It

Your toothbrush is the best thing to defend your teeth against sugar. Wait about half an hour after you have eaten or drunk something, since your teeth may be soft, which can wind up having the brush damage your enamel… which is what you do NOT want. Brush your teeth for two minutes each time and that will go a long way to helping you preserve your smile.Everything you need to know about sugar and your teeth in Washington Heights, NY

The other thing that you can use is the most plentiful thing on this planet: water. Just swish your mouth with it before each swallow. It can rinse off the sugary layer and help keep your teeth clean before you brush and floss your teeth. It’s always a good idea to have water nearby… and it’s the best source of hydration, after all. Just bring a container of it with you to wherever you go. You don’t want to have to see a New York dentist if you don’t have to. 

Other Things to Consider

If you keep up with a diet that has a lot of sugar, you run the risk of not only getting a cavity but ultimately getting gum disease, which can quickly go from being in a reversible form called gingivitis to one that cannot be reversed in periodontitis. That then will lead to expensive oral surgery that may even wind up with your needing dentures or a dental implant from a trusted Washington Heights cosmetic dentist.

Of course, sugar can affect much more than your teeth. People add pounds due to it and can ultimately get things like diabetes. Yes, there are healthy foods that have natural sugar in it, but you need to be more mindful of the ones that have processed sugar. That can have more of an impact on your mouth and the rest of your body. Do the above things and also be sure to do things like exercising. 

You can have these sugary foods, but do it in moderation. There are delicious sugar-free varieties too.  Make any sweet a treat rather than an everyday staple. Be sure to be prepared for taking care of your teeth afterwards though. Isn’t it worth the five minutes to make sure that you get the damaging coating off to keep your teeth decay-free? Getting to keep your teeth for a long time is quite the payoff. 

If you need a general dentist in Washington Heights, you should come to Esthetix Dental Spa. The staff there will put you at ease from the minute that you walk into the office and they will take care of any issues that sugar has caused with your teeth. Give them a call today to make an appointment: 212-795-9675.

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