As people become elderly, many parts of their body become compromised.  It is not uncommon to begin feeling various aches and pains with age, as well as other progressive changes to the bone structure and organs.  However, just like doctors recommend drinking vitamin D and getting daily exercise to prevent osteoarthritis, precautions can be taken to preserve your teeth and oral health as well.  We have come up with some essential tips and tricks to keep you and your loved ones smiling through the senior years of life!

Brighten Up!

You may notice that as Grandma and Grandpa begin to age, they develop dark spots on their teeth.  Although these vary greatly in severity, some can be quite noticeable and leave them feeling self conscious in social settings.  This is commonly caused by changes in a material called ‘dentin.’  Dentin is very similar to bone and it lies beneath the enamel.  We all know how our grandparents used to eat back in the day (foods and beverages high in sugar and acidity) and this has certainly taken a toll on their teeth.  This phenomenon can also be caused by the thinning layer of outside enamel.  The4 outermost layers tends to allow the yellow-stained dentin to show when the teeth are exposed.  A visit to your dentist can easily remove these unsightly stains and train you on the correct products and procedures to keep them away for good!

Not So Yummy!

As we age, we often develop chronic dry mouth. This can become very unpleasant, as the saliva flow decreases.  This is often stimulated by taking certain medication regularly.  It is important to drink plenty of water to keep the mouth hydrated and fresh!  

As people age, they also often tend to lose their sense of taste.  This is actually quite common and normal.  Just like loss of sight or vision, age brings on taste bud sensory loss as well.

Senior smile makeover

A nice smile at any age

Age With Grace!

No matter what condition you are suffering from, we want to make you feel and look your very best – at any age!  Call Esthetix Dental Spa today to learn how to take the very best care of your oral health! In the heart of Washington Heights we service the community of 10032, 10033, 10461 as well as Manhattan and the rest of NYC. Our all star dentists have skilled hands and minds to make your smile something to always show off!