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For over 14 years all Denice could wear to replace her missing teeth was dentures. She had much trouble eating and chewing the food she liked. Dentures were uncomfortable cos they were constantly moving, eating was difficult with food going underneath the dentures and dentures even falling out of her mouth as she was talking to someone.

So I gave her an implant supported bar over denture by growing bone in the maxillary and the mandibular arches. We placed sufficient amount of implants, created a bar to support and stabilize the denture

Now Denice can eat chew smile and talk confidently!

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Esthetix Dental Spa
Gingival Pigmentation:
I often have patients coming in complaining about the color on their gums. I can’t give them a whitening agent like I would to whiten teeth, but I can use my laser and in minutes fix it almost painlessly
Here are a few Before and After!!