Best ways to keep teeth healthy at home in New York, NYAt the time of this writing, people found themselves in a unique situation of having to stay at home all the time. This situation does not mean that they are free from having to take care of their teeth – bacteria does not care who is quarantined and who isn’t. It will thrive in anyone’s mouth should they let it.

The good news is that it’s fairly easy to keep one’s teeth healthy. It’s not terribly expensive or time-consuming. All one has to do is follow these basic guidelines and they will be largely rewarded with good oral health – though there are always some exceptions due to things like genetics.

Here are some of the best ways to keep teeth healthy at home.

Brush Twice a Day – Properly

People often put a dab of toothpaste on their brush and do a half-hearted brushing for 30 seconds before spitting out the paste and calling it. That’s far from the correct amount of time. They should do it for two minutes – 30 seconds in each quadrant. Electric toothbrushes have made this much easier. The spinning bristles do much of the work. Also, people should brush their tongues. That can help with things like bad breath.

Always Floss at Night

This is a very important part of one’s dental routine and way too many don’t include it. They may be confused by the number of choices – waxed, unwaxed, mint. That’s not something they should spend too much time thinking about – just use whatever works best for them. It’s all a matter of preference.

One of the big deterrents for people with flossing is that there is usually gum bleeding at first. They become afraid that this will be a regular occurrence and stop doing it. That only increases the chances of worsening conditions and eventual gum disease like periodontitis. All it takes is regularly doing it for several days in a row to see the amount of blood going down  and eventually stopping. The flossing experience should be a lot better then.

People just might not know the right technique and wind up just sawing too hard up and down in between each tooth. It’s far better to be gentle with both the up-and-down and sideways motions. This will be far better.

One doesn’t have to spend hours in the bathroom to get the best results. In fact, they can do it in roughly 10 minutes each day. While that might sound suspiciously like one of those infomercials that make dubious claims, this is true. All it takes is attention to detail during that time to be able to see the great smile people have always wanted.

Monitor Food And Drink Intake

Unfortunately, most of the tempting foods are the ones that are bad for teeth. They may be too sugary, and that can lead to possible cavities. It’s better to eat healthy fruits and vegetables, the crunchier, the better. These also tend to have more fiber, which can help in other areas.

On the beverage side, it’s best to stick with drinking a lot of water. It can help clean out lingering bacteria and food particles, along with residue from acidic beverages like orange juice or sugary foods or drinks. Experts thing that people should have a glass of water after every meal.

Yes, soda can be very delicious to drink and also hit the spot on a hot day, but the sugar starts attacking the enamel of one’s teeth from the very first swallow and continues doing so long after the last gulp. That’s why drinking water after that is so important to wash it away to preserve one’s enamel and dentin. Otherwise there is a much greater risk of cavities.

Of course, it’s best to see a dentist twice a year. That may depend on when things become normal again. People should stick with this home routine and keep in touch with their dentist to see what they recommend. Most dentists are now open for only emergency procedures. These steps can help prevent that scenario from happening for many.

Although these are geared toward keeping healthy during these challenging times, the staff at Esthetix Dental Care want you to be able to have great oral health all year long. Do these things and you will help ensure that when things do make their way back to normal, you will be able to slide right back into the swing of things at the dentist’s office. Call 212-795-9675 to make an appointment.

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